The Beginning Of Dark Nights

by Soul Thrower

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Soul Thrower returns with sophomore album "The Beginning of Dark Nights", its second adrenaline-boosting, raucous slap in the cortex, and strong follow-up to their EMA-nominated album "The End Of
Your Days". The Estonian-American rock band paints again in dark hues and the stories are vivid, propped up smartly by a soundscape articulated in chunky, driving riffs and wailing guitar solos that circle like buzzards over prey. On the ground, crisp, powerful drums stomp ahead in lock step with heavy bass guitar. Between Hades and Heaven, but not quite on Terra Firma, grunge vocals permeate with
despair and ferocity, acknowledging the depths but forging a sure-footed path up and out. The audience will relish the natural, minimally-compressed sonic landscape which, in this decade, rarely characterizes albums of the heavy rock genre. Over the course of this 10-track release, the discerning ear will pick up influences from Alice in Chains and Black Label Society.

Soul Thrower are:
Daner - vocals
Val Tvoar - guitar, back vocals
Silver - guitar
J.B. - bass
Jaanus Salm - drums


released March 5, 2014

Recorded and mixed @ Round Sound Studio by Keijo Koppel
Mastered by Minerva Pappi @ Chartmakers
Band logo and art work by Maik Grüner
Band photo by Indrek Kasesalu

Soul Thrower are:
Daner - vocals
Val Tvoar - guitar, back vocals, acousti guitars, drums on "Shipwreck", keyboards
Silver - guitar
J.B. - bass
Jaanus Salm - drums, tambourine

Additional musicians:
Marko Atso (from Metsatöll) - cowbell on "You are the War"
Anna, Lindsey and Inga - the voices of "Demoness" intro
Emmet and Daner - the voices on "Man of Nothing"
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Soul Thrower Estonia

Soul Thrower is a five-person group formed in 2011 and based in Estonia.
Val Tvaor co-writes and
plays guitars, and Daner, an American, co-writes and sings. The songs'
lyrics are all in English,
and the music draws influence from Alice in Chains and Black Label Societ
y, dripping with dark,
heavy intensity, and popping with radio-friendly melodies.
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Track Name: Thrive in the Fire
(Tvoar / Daner)

Behold a mangled psyche, a mind compressed
To a singularity and only one goal
Thick skin and hair on my chest - a rhino

I don't know, I don't know why so vile
All I know, all sorrow in the wild

I'm the waterbear a lightyear deep and sleep-deprived
One mission, many enemies, a daily tap on my wire
Won't be a failure to thrive in the fire

In my heart, a purpose - even if it's just to live
In my veins, the means - coursing with the antidote
In my throat, the bile - in my my throat..

All I know, I am so extremophile
Track Name: Gore
(Tvoar / Daner)

Come on down let me show you my way
life underground in the grey
Trouble around just a whisper away

Now I have found the escape
There's no return
in hell you'll burn for the sins of modernity
You're out of line and out of time
Give it up and follow me

Old mountain of love
New volcano of gore

Bare your teeth and burn up the shroud
Do what you please
Make it loud
In the final hour
Real power
A demon at the wheel

What was wrong with us to wait so long?
Track Name: Hurt Your Face
(Tvoar / Daner)

You're in my face with your ignorance
You're on my back - I'll put you on yours
All your noise and no penitence
Can't hold me back - when it bleeds it pours

I'll pull it back and let it go
Hurt your face
Hey Yeah Hey Yeah

Can't stand the sound of your power trip
I'm not your servant held accountable
Kept pushing forward, now you've overstepped
You're gonna feel something terrible

But now that we're in a tangle
I smell the weakness deep in you
I see there's little meat to bruise
So stands the coward in your place

You pushed all out, now you're pulling back in
Ain’t nothing there but shadow within.
Track Name: Skeleton Dance
(Tvoar / Daner, Tvoar)

Behind the graveyard walls
Death just cannot sleep
Carving with my knife into
Darkness thick and deep

(Drags you in, won't let you out)
It's damned easy to get in
Not a club exclusive
No easy way to get out
There's no way out

Crushing the bones, the skeleton dance
Do the dance and crush them bones

Within the foggy pit
Teeth are gnashing me
They're tearing at my lips
New friends thrashing me
Track Name: Needle
(Tvoar / Daner)

On your feet, little man
Hold your breath no longer
Shake the dust from your coat
Wear the colors of the warmonger

You let them in through the needle of spoken word
Look at me - there's nothing that I can do
Extraction must come from you

Hard to see, little man
With your face pointed down
Seek your peace ahead
No horizon on the ground
So who is forcing you?
Who that owns?
Who that ruined you,
Animated on strings?

Where's the sun?
Where's the sunrise in your eyes?
Track Name: A Years-Long Funeral
(Tvoar / Daner)

My flesh becomes a vapor, this non-corporeal skin of mine
Black gateway ahead of me, growing bigger and bigger

It turns like a hurricane and draws a deeper breath
As my muscle entropies, marrow lovingly deserts its home

My heart painted white in surrender
The low dirge of a years-long funeral

I walk among you without being seen
I have my memories and that is all.
Track Name: You are the War
(Tvoar / Daner)

Yeah - stack the bricks you cut from their skulls,
mortar from their bones
So will you pave the sad road with their skins,
heedless of their moans?

You're the war, you are the war, you are

In your blood lust, in your holy war, in your fiery eyes,
you've lost sight of everything
Ravaging souls on your horns, a raging bull you are -
mindlessly, unbearably

Yeah - climb the ladder of the smiling teeth
to reach your wretched throne
So will you lay foundation on their graves,
and spit upon the stones
Track Name: Man of Nothing
(Tvoar / Daner)

Red machine burrowing, like an assassin creeping
Hollowed out hallowed ground, merciless anger in you

If you can’t feel it, if you can’t feel it –
then you’re already dead

Senseless rage, war you wage;
No peace of mind before you
But steadily, injury to everything that matters
You’ll never see daylight – you’re losing something

You’re gonna be reborn the man of nothing
Soul descends to the end and
rests against the chamber floor
Where it waits while you hate – not hibernating...dying
Track Name: Demoness
(Tvoar / Daner)

Long entombed, waited years in gloom
City lights again in her sights
Bodies churn in her hungry flames
As engorged as she is beautiful

So in bloom, the iris of her eyes
Demoness can see you now
So in motion, the power of her thighs
Demoness will own you now

How fruitlessly, filthy flesh scampering
Uselessly, the sterile and the absurd
Track Name: Shipwreck
(Tvoar / Daner, Tvoar)

I lost my something to the deep
In the bottom of the bottle, it might be
Folded in, its white sails tall
The beginning of dark nights, when she took on water

It’s over now
I don’t know who I am
I don’t know how to be
This ain’t what I wanted

I'm all alone inside my head, slipping deeper into sil
ence, into a coma
A mighty black whale, speeding from death,
need to get back to the surface,
like the Red October

Looking for the shipwreck here
I'm stranded in my sea of tears
(A still life down here)
Holding less, the more I hold
The corpse is cold, my mind is clear
(A new life down here)